1. Meet Pigments

    Want to turn your interactive, connected, objects or environments idea into working prototype in minutes?

    Meet Pigments, a set of Internet connected sensors and actuators that anyone can easily program through the web.

    Although Pigments is a work in progress we feel ready to share it with the world, and have anybody play with them.

    Pigments is composed of hardware modules each with one specialized functionality. By mixing modules you can create your desired behavior.

    You create your mix, by simply attaching Pigment modules to the Palette. No wiring. No soldering. No code.

    Once they are plugged to the Palette, you’re ready to breath smartness into your modules by using the open.sen.se online platform.

    Open.sen.se is an online platform that lets you collect real time data from Internet connected Devices, online sources or manual inputs. You can then use ready to use Apps, to trigger actions on devices, send notifications, define rules, visualize data and much more.

    By combining Open.sen.se Apps, you can build complex behaviors and scenarios within minutes. No development skils required. (go to sen.se/demo for more)

    How does this work ?

    Here is a quick video showing you how quickly and easily you can build an interaction with Pigments.

    Meet Pigments from o-labs on Vimeo.

    Pigments is composed of the Pigments sensor/actuator modules, the Palette gateway and the Droplet software.

    You attach Pigments to the Palette. The Palette connects to a PC/Mac computer through USB to send and receive the data to/from Open.sen.se. Droplet is a proxy software you install on the computer to manage the communication with the online platform.

    Each Pigment is represented as an Open.sen.se feed. A sensor pigment posts the sensed data in its feed. An actuator reads the data on its feed and acts according to it.

    When a new Pigment is plugged, sen.se automatically creates a feed for it.

    Once you have plugged in Pigments, and connected your Palette, you can see the data pouring on Open.sen.se in real time. You can then take advantage of ready to use Open.sen.se Apps to create behaviors using the data received from sensors, or sending data to actuators.

    We have been using the Pigment kit during workshops as a way to materialize and simulate ideas in a kind of “quick and dirty” way. It has proved to be a very productive and creative tool for all sorts of non-developer audiences.

    During the development phase, we are using a USB serial connection as communication to Open.sen.se. However, in the future we will use an ethernet or wifi shield to untie Pigments from the PC.